Graphic office

«Heritage Faberge»

The oldest jewelry factory in St. Petersburg, Russian Gems, holds the annual St. Petersburg Faberge Jewelry Festival. From February 1 to February 10 in the Jewelry Center on the square. Carl Faberge House 8, jewelers and designers will acquaint residents and visitors of the city with the history and style diversity of modern jewelry art.

One of the participants of the «Faberge Heritage» festival is Alexei Ivanovich Kolodko. One of the leaders of the Foundation «The Imperial Society for the Promotion of Arts», a member of the Foundation's Board, a collector, philanthropist and researcher of the history of porcelain production. Alexey has been collecting porcelain sculpture and objects of decorative and applied art for over 20 years. Porcelain figurines from the private collection of Alexei Kolodko are thematically associated with theater and music. The collection of porcelain figurines and figurines «German ceramics of the Schwarzburg workshop of the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of the Arts» will be presented at the Heritage Faberge festival.

Visitors to the festival are waiting for a collection of exclusive jewelry, lectures and master classes on the painting of jewelry in the tradition of Faberge. The festival program includes expositions and theater-related events, since 2019 has been declared the Year of Theater in Russia. Entrance to the festival is free.


Exhibition «Teachers and Pupils»

From May 26 to June 13, 2018 in Ceremonial halls of the Research museum at the Russian Academy of Arts the Teachers and Pupils exhibition will take place. The project is organized together with «Imperial Society of Encouragement of Arts» fund, with fund of realistic art of V.F. Pustarnakov and in close cooperation with Heydar Aliyev's fund.


School Drawing exhibition

The first exhibition «School Drawing» took place in June, 2017 in «Isaak Izrailevich Brodsky's Museum apartment».


The printing studio «Graphic Office» existed during the period from 2012 to 2015 on the basis of the Small Hall of the Central showroom «Manezh». The main objectives in this project – cultural and educational. The St. Petersburg school of printing graphics has rich story with classical traditions. Unfortunately, in our city this type of the fine arts still unfairly remains out of the field of attention of a wide range of the audience.

The graphic officePrinting graphics is the most available form of the fine arts, highly artistic and at the same time inexpensive. Any of prints – the original work of art under which the author appends the signature. Thanks to a possibility of replication, the print goes beyond showrooms and can fill with new contents the daily environment surrounding us.

«The graphic office» includes: exhibitions of the Russian and foreign graphic artists, open master classes at which any visitor has an opportunity under the leadership of the printer to make independently a print; thematic courses of lectures on history of printing graphics and on technicians of the press (an etching, a xylographie, the linocut, a monotipiya, silk-screen printing, the author's book), exchange programs with foreign artists.The graphic office

The project purpose – promotion of outstanding achievements and samples of the St. Petersburg school of printing graphics, formation in public consciousness of the new relation to this art form, initiation of interest in independent art creativity of various age categories. Exhibitions, master classes, lectures and educational courses on printing schedules enter a framework of the project.